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Will Water Restrictions Out West Impact Home Values?
How will mandatory water restrictions in California affect property values? That's a question many people in the housing industry have been asking lately.
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Regulating Real Estate Appraisals
Metro-West’s Chief Appraiser and SVP of Compliance, Greg Stephens, writes about how regulations have historically impacted the appraisal industry—and what types of oversight appraisers can expect in the future.
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Collateral Damage?
Metro-West Appraisal’s COO, Brandon Boudreau, discusses possible outcomes following Fannie Mae’s decision to make the Collateral Underwriter analytic tool accessible to lenders.
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Online Continuing Education: A Practical Guide to Appraisal Review
We’re proud to announce that Greg Stephens, Chief Appraiser and SVP of Appraisal Operations and Compliance at Metro-West Appraisal, is a featured instructor of a new online appraiser continuing education course offered through Allterra Online.
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A Behind the Scenes Look at Online Education
Recently Allterra Online launched the online continuing education class "A Practical Guide To Appraisal Review" which is taught by the instructor Greg Stephens Chief Appraiser, SVP Compliance at Metro-West Appraisal Co., Inc. We were lucky enough to sit down with Greg and ask him about the new course and the industry in general.
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Metro-West Appraisal Appoints Greg Stephens Chief Real Estate Appraiser
Metro-West Appraisal Co., LLC is pleased to announce that it has named Greg Stephens as chief real estate appraiser to accompany his role as senior vice president of appraisal operations and compliance.
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How to Train Appraisers and Grow for the Future
Whether you view the state of the valuation industry as positive or negative these days, there is one thing most industry professionals can agree on: There are some very real challenges facing the appraisal profession in 2013.
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CFPB Compliance, ECOA Appraisal Rule and the Possible Fallout
Metro-West Appraisal’s COO, Brandon Boudreau, offers commentary on CFPB compliance, ECOA appraisal rule and the possible fallout in the Legal and Compliance issue of HW Focus by HousingWire.
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Metro-West Appraisal Opens New Boise Office
Metro-West Appraisal Co., LLC (Metro-West) has announced the opening of a new branch in Boise, Idaho.
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Metro-West Appraisal Expands Anaheim Presence
Adding to its growing national presence, Metro-West Appraisal Co., LLC (Metro-West) has expanded its coverage throughout Orange County and Greater Anaheim.
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Who Will Train the Next Generation of Appraisers? Part Two
In Part Two, we will focus on the recommended course of action by the stakeholders who have the most to gain from a successful mentoring initiative – the Lenders and Appraisal Management Companies as well as the regulators and the roles each play.
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Who Will Train the Next Generation of Appraisers?
With the information sharing that took place during Valuation Expo 2013 in Las Vegas last week I thought this would be an opportune time to finish an article I have been working on regarding the trainee programs.
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Metro-West’s Greg Stephens Receives 2013 Valuation Visionary Award
Metro-West Appraisal Co. is pleased to announce that Greg Stephens, SVP of appraisal operations and compliance, is the winner of the 2013 Valuation Visionary Award.
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Navigating The Often Muddy Water of Appraisal Review
While certainly a necessary practice — and oftentimes required — most appraisal organizations and appraisers are looking for better ways to address the appraisal review process.
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Metro-West Appraisal Moves Headquarters to Downtown Detroit
Metro-West Appraisal Co., LLC, a national independent staff appraisal firm, announced today that it is moving its headquarters into downtown Detroit’s Central Business District.
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M-Report The Appraiser's Perspective
Metro-West Appraisal’s COO, Brandon Boudreau, is speaking out on the industry’s evolution.
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VR The Growing Alternative: Appraiser-Assisted Valuation
“I feel that when the appraiser-assisted valuation products came to market, they actually helped the appraiser compete,” said Brandon Boudreau, chief operating officer at Metro-West Appraisal Co., LLC.
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